90 Day Challenge: Day 14


Happy two weeks to me on the 90 Day Challenge! I’m glad that I’ve been able to share this time with you all again. Thank you for coming back to share in my journey of rediscovering my happiness.

Now, let’s talk about Day 14. My Little Thing for today comes in the form of the kids I teach. The photo I found holds true in that children are not meant to be moulded. I strongly believe that children help us discover things about ourselves as much as we teach them. We think that we are the ones teaching children when in fact, they can teach us a lot about ourselves if we take the time to realise it.

I love my job because I love discovering new things about my kids every day. I love seeing how excited they get over the smallest thing like getting a sticker for having great listening ears or high fiving a friend. It’s amazing what I take for granted each and every day and my kids bask in simply enjoying their lives. It’s amazing how quickly a problem that seemed so large could be forgotten almost instantly by a quick cuddle or a friend wanting to play house /dolls/cars, etc.

My kiddos have really been into firetruck and firefighters so I organised a field trip to our local fire station for a tour. We went today and the excitement the kids had about taking public transit and then learning about what the firefighters do was amazing. They lit up with questions, listened intently as the firefighters spoke to them, got to explore the fire truck and press buttons and turn on the lights. The sheer happiness they had being there was the most amazing thing to see. On our way back, they kept talking about how awesome it was and how they want to be firefighters too, even the girls!

The world through a child’s eyes must be absolutely stunning. Endless possibilities and every opportunity to be whoever you want to be. It makes me happy to see them come out of their shell and I sincerely hope that I have made an impact on their lives the way they have impacted mine.



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