90 Day Challenge: Day 13


Here we are at Day 13 of the 90 Day Challenge. I won’t lie, it’s been quite the journey this time around. I’ve been having more trouble than I care to admit with finding the good in each day. Retraining my brain will definitely take time and this is why I’m forcing myself to complete this challenge. I need to actively work at the change I’m trying to achieve because my happiness depends on me and begins with small steps in the right direction.

For today’s Little Thing, it was being able to drive myself to and from work. It’s a small thing and I’m sure not that impressive to most people but for me, it’s huge. I’m just now working on obtaining my license because I never felt the need to growing up. While everybody was off getting their licenses, I chose to use my money and travel. I do not in any way regret my decision to travel as it allowed me to grow as a person but I will say that it’s tough when you’re the only person in your group of friends and family that does not drive.

Living out West in Canada, the need to drive has become more pronounced the last few years. I have already done driving school and passed no problem but I have my road test coming up and have been extremely nervous about it. I am psyching myself out and do not know how to stop. It isn’t helpful at all but this is why my mum allowing me to drive to and from work today made me so happy.

It proved to myself that I CAN do this. I can drive safely and properly and the road test is just yet another stepping stone in the process. Yes, I may fail it the first time but people fail all the time. It just means I will get a bit more driving practice in and go take it again. I won’t allow the failure to make me quit. I will use it as fuel to get better. There’s always room for improvement.

I am quite proud that I was able to drive to and from work, during rush hour, with my mum being able to have an actual conversation. She is usually nervous and makes me nervous but it was fine. I even got a high five when I parked at home. Silly? Maybe. But I loved it.

I’m going to try to remember that I can do this. It’s okay to be nervous but I have to remember that I am very capable of anything I set my mind to and right now, I need to set my mind on passing my road test.

Wish me luck!



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