90 Day Challenge: Day 10


Hello, hello!

It’s Day 10 and as you’ve probably guessed from the photo above, today’s Little Thing comes in the form of helping others. It’s something that I have always enjoyed and had forgotten just how much so until recently.

I signed up to volunteer as an ESL coach at church on Thursday nights as a way to get out of my house and give back a little something. As you all are aware, this challenge is not easy for me as I’ve had years of practice focusing on the negative instead of the positive. Focusing on the negative has never gotten me anywhere except to the same place I was trying to get away from. Clearly, that was the wrong path and something needed to change. Hence this challenge. It helps me push my boundaries, opens me up to new experiences and helps me to rediscover the things that make me happy that I’ve pushed aside for so long.

I know that helping others doesn’t make everybody happy but it makes ME happy and that’s what counts. I love being able to help others in any capacity that I am able and to give my time as I am still here and have time to give. I could have easily not been here and that would have been a completely different thing altogether. Making people smile/happy is something that brings me joy. Absolute joy. It sounds cliché but that’s my truth.

The more I am able to help others, the more it makes me happy and being happy and finding the good is what this time is all about for me right now. It doesn’t come easy as there are days when I would rather just stay home and lock myself away but how would that help me heal? How would that help me battle my demons? Hiding away won’t help solve anything so I will remain proactive and continue rediscovering myself one day at a time.



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