90 Day Challenge: Day 21

This challenge is anything but easy for me right now. I’m still reeling from my latest fall into the darkness of my depression. The battle against my darkest demons is still an on-going battle. So, you can hopefully understand why it’s been even more difficult for me to find the good in each day. However, I am refusing to just throw in the towel because this is a good practice for me to have in my life.

In the spirit of pushing myself forward, my Little Thing for day twenty-one comes in the form of helping others. I have been running a Food & Bottle Drive at school with my Cooking Club kids as well as the daycare attached to the building. My Cooking Club kids are the ones who came up with the idea to give to those less unfortunate. We have been collecting non-perishable food items and bottles to give in to the bottle depot here to raise money. We are donating all the proceeds and food to out local food bank and also a homeless shelter downtown. The proceeds and food will be split 50/50 between the two places.

As I am responsible for it since I am running Cooking Club, it’s my responsibility to bring the bottles in be exchanged for cash. Tonight, I managed to get another $22 to add to our grand total at school. The feeling of pride I get to know that some of my kiddos are the ones who started this makes me very happy as I have always loved helping others in any way I can. It makes me proud to know that they think beyond themselves and in a way that makes a difference.

The feeling of happiness from helping others is what I am clinging to for tonight’s entry. I hope it’ll continue to get better as the days progress. Slow and steady. I will continue working hard to find my Little Thing each day. I hope they will never lose their drive to help others. It’s what the world needs these days.

♡ GoAM


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