Where Have I Been…??

GoAM, here. I’ve been gone, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed. I have been failing miserably at the challenge the last week.

Truth time: I’ve been down. Really down. Nothing has seemed to be good for a Little Thing. Everything had a dark aura around it and that has made it difficult to find any good. It makes me sad to say that because it means I failed my mission. Which in turn makes me hard on myself and makes me feel as though I’m not good enough to even make it through 90 days of finding the good in every day. The rational bit of me knows that it’s my depression making me feel that way but the emotional side is ruling and that means I believe in all the negative thoughts coming forth.

I am going to sit the remainder of this week out of the challenge but I am making a promise to get back on the horse on Monday. I need to be held more accountable at pushing myself more and not giving into the darkness as much.

For now, I apologise for my absence and that it’s taken me so long to actually write this post. I will be back next week and work even harder to beat the darkness that is my depression.

Until next time,



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