90 Day Challenge: Day 19

Today shall be short and sweet.

I struggled today – hard. I forgot to take my medication again and my mental state plummeted. It was not fun and everybody at work noticed. I was even snappy at my kiddos which isn’t fair to them because it isn’t their fault. I was just completely off today. I wanted nothing more than to just isolate myself from everybody. I just wanted to be alone which is a major part of my depression and something else I am working on with my therapist.

I did not realise that forgetting to take it would effect me so drastically but it does so I am making a more concious effort to remember to take them every day at the same time.

My Little Thing for day nineteen was being able to help my mum cheer up tonight. She was quite down today and verbalized that she was feeling down and needed some cheering up. So, on my way home from work, I stopped and got her dinner because we all know that food can help make things better! When I arrived home and told her I picked her up some dinner, she gave me a great big smile and hug. It was nice and very much needed today. For both of us.

Being able to make my mum smile made me forget about myself and get out of my own head. It made me realise that even though I think I am not needed or useless, that in actuality, there is somebody who loves me unconditionally. It’s more than I deserve at times and I forget to tell her how much she means to me from time to time as well. However, I need to remind myself that even though she is my mum and I assume she knows I love her, actually telling her that I love her as often as I can, can mean just as much to her as it does to me.

Three simple words can help put a smile on her face after a particularly rough day and who wouldn’t want to make their mum smile?

I love you, mum.

♡ GoAM


One thought on “90 Day Challenge: Day 19

  1. Everyone has bad days but the important part is overcoming them. You sound like you’re on the right track! It’s great that you could cheer your mom up and in the same process, cheer yourself up! Keep on keeping on!


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