90 Day Challenge: Day 18

I’m not going to lie, today was a bad day for me. I am emotionally and mentally drained. There was nothing about today that would fit into my challenge at all. I am ashamed to admit that but it’s the truth. There was nothing about today that was good for me.

I had forgotten to take my medication yesterday and it didn’t fully effect me until this morning and throughout the day. I’ve been extremely sluggish and wanted to sleep all day. I had to keep busy during my break at work because my therapist has told me therapist olio try my best not to nap at work as that is a symptom of my depression. So, I did my best to fight against it today. However, because of the way I’ve felt today, this post was nearly something completely different. It got me down thinking that today’s post was nearly going to be me telling you all that I had no Little Thing for today. But, something did come about without me realising it at first.

I have wanted to bake for the last few days but kept putting it off because I’ve been busy. Today, I forced myself to bake. Why? Because baking calms me. Baking helps occupy my mind so that I am able to get out of my head for a bit. I channel all my energy into preparing delicious baked goods that I am able to share with those closest to me. I am able to get lost in my baking and work out any stress or issues bothering me.

Baking has always been my go to and I’ve forgotten just how much I enjoy it. So that is my Little Thing for today – baking. It helps keep me calm and gives me a few moments to myself outside of my head. It focuses me on something other than the negative thoughts swirling about on a constant loop. For that, I am grateful.

Day eighteen is more about me feeling calm and working to get back to a better headspace than I have been in today. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.

♡ GoAM


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