90 Day Challenge: Day 16

“Baby you can drive my car.” – The Beatles

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently learning to drive manual transmission.  It’s something I’m quite proud of, learning to drive, because I’ve been quite anxious and nervous about learning before. I have also always put more stock into travelling and exploring the world rather than spending money on driving and all the expenses that come along with owning a vehicle. However, in my current city, owning a vehicle is more of a necessity than I’d like to admit.

The transit is not very reliable and it takes me more than double the time to get to work in the mornings using transit. When I get a lift with my mum, it takes 15 minutes as opposed to the 40 minutes to an hour it takes on transit. So, my desire to drive since moving here as increased tenfold as you might have guessed.

As I said, I’m currently learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle. It becomes problematic when I’m supposed to be practicing because my mum drives automatic. I didn’t think it would be as difficult but it takes me a bit of time to readjust to being in a manual after practicing with my mum. I knew I’d have to get a vehicle of my own which was fine but I didn’t think I would need to get one very soon but I have discovered that yes, it was necessary to begin my search now.

I have been searching for a vehicle for a few months online. Just something simple that can get me from A to B as I work on making my shifting even better.  I opted for a used car for my first vehicle. Perfect to practice with as I smooth out my shifting. I was not prepared for how much work goes into looking for a vehicle. I started not knowing exactly what I wanted except for my budget, however, I quickly came to realise what kind of things I wanted in my first car. The majority of the vehicles I saw had tons of rust and the kilometers were sky high. I wanted my first car to at least last me for a few years as I continue saving for the car I really want once my shifting is perfected.

Hope was dwindling because of the options I was seeing available to me when a friend offered me a vehicle. It was over my budget but not by much. I was excited when I saw the photos but when I went to see it, there were things that needed to be fixed before I could even drive it which would put me even more over my original budget. I was thinking about a way to make it work when I decided to check online again and found one that looked decent. So my mum and I went to see it and it turns out, we liked it. It was within my budget, still in good shape and the only thing I had to do was get a tune-up done which I would be able to do at my mum’s mechanic for a great price.

We went home to discuss the pros and cons of the cars we had seen that were the top contenders and made our final decision. My Little Thing for day sixteen comes in the form of me purchasing my first vehicle! It’s a huge decision and I won’t lie, letting go of so much money all at once hurt my heart a bit (!) but I know in the end it was worth it. I took a big step into the adult world with my purchase and I am really excited about it. I bought my vehicle outright so I’m not worried about payments or anything of the sort which is helpful. I just have to pay insurance and petrol and be able to maintain my new baby (who I have already named Beaux) very well. I take care of Beaux and Beaux will take care of me.

It gives me a sense of pride to be able to finally say that I own a vehicle. I wanted something and I made it happen and that makes me happy. It also helps prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.

♥ GoAM


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